The Complementarian Gospel Coalition

Complementarianism divides or conjoins Christian thinkers.

The Complementarian view says women and men stand equal before God but function in different roles. This perspective seems unremarkable at first glance, but it is altogether controversial these days.

We often tip-toe around the topic or avoid it completely. So to see three renowned Christian scholars discuss it openly is fascinating.

Piper as always speaks with passion and conviction and a grand vision of God and human flourishing.┬áKeller speaks most circumspectly. But he too candidly admits his concern about the hermenuetics behind Egalitarianism. He worries Egalitarians loosen the text of the Bible. The affable Canadian, Carson, rounds out the discussion with his scholar’s acumen and pastor’s heart.

Their discussion avoids argument. It comes across as authentic and heartfelt. Each scholar shows genuine concern for the outworking of these perspectives. For anyone wanting to see the heart and significance behind these gender-role debates, definitely check out this video.