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Tim Keller Talks Missional Ministry

Tim Keller

“Missional Ministry” is a hot topic right now amongst churches.  There’s been a great deal of discussion and confusion circling this concept, but recently, I came across an article written by Tim Keller (in June 2001 no less!) that I found extremely helpful and very relevant.  Check out the article The Missional Church.

One of my favorite quotes is:

The missional church avoids sentimental, pompous, ‘inspirational’ talk . Instead we engage the culture with gentle, self-deprecating but joyful irony the gospel creates. Humility + joy = gospel irony and realism.

You get ’em Tim Keller!

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One thought on “Tim Keller Talks Missional Ministry”

  1. Such a good article, Derek! It's right on line with what I've been feeling God birth in me for the past few years in that we have to change the way we do things not just because of the culture around us is changing but because it's what's been needed to change for a while!

    Since you're a pastor, I'm curious to see what your take on the future of ministry inside the church looks like versus ministry outside the church looks like? Tim alludes to this but he doesn't really make much specific application (which is good for the article I believe) so I'd like your take on things (even if it's more generalized and not 8833 WPBC specific.

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