College Campus

Thoughts on Being a Christian in College

College Campus

From Derek: This is a guest post from Jake Bishop. Jake is a college student at our church and one of the leaders in our ministry. He is a gifted and thoughtful young man, and I’m excited to have him posting here. You can connect with Jake on twitter or visit his blog.

Going to college brings about a lot of challenges for a Christian. It should be a time for
growing up and growing in your faith, and yet, for many, itʼs a time of giving into temptation,
and some completely abandon their faith. Here are 3 things Christians should know
before stepping foot onto a college campus…

1. College brings temptation

This one seems obvious, but it is still important to say. From my experience, the things
you see about college in the movies and television are pretty accurate. There is a lot of
sex and a lot of drugs and alcohol no matter what college you go to. As a Christian, you
must be prepared to fight these temptations. Here are the ways I suggest…

Find a support system: A support system is very important. Having others holding you
accountable is very helpful. First of all, stay in church! Many students stop going to
church when they get to college. Without their parents waking them up on Sunday
morning, it becomes very easy to simply stop going. Donʼt underestimate how important
being a part of a church is. The encouragement of other believers is so important to
facing the daily battle of temptation. This goes for anyone not just college students.
Secondly, donʼt be afraid to ask for your parentʼs help. Even though you are out from
under their roof that doesnʼt mean they canʼt still help in keeping you accountable.
Finally, find other Christian friends! Even having one of two friends that can hold you
accountable for your actions is very beneficial to fighting temptation.

Stay in the Word: When Jesus was fighting the temptation of Satan in the desert He
used Godʼs word to fight. We must do the same daily. The Bible is our compass to guide
us in our Christian life. Every day is a battle, and when getting bombarded with the
temptations of college, the Bible is one of the best tools at your disposal.

Pray: Never underestimate the power of prayer. Spending time with God is the most
important thing you do during each day. You can never waste time spending it with Him!
If you go a day without prayer you are telling God, “I donʼt need you today. I got this!”
Trust that you need Him especially during your time on a college campus!

2. College is a great place to be a witness

In Acts 1:8 Jesus says, “But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes
on you; and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and
Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” Jesus commands us to be a witness for
Him. What better place to be a witness than a college campus? The fact is that most
students on a college campus donʼt know Jesus. Use your years on the close confines
of a college campus to make disciples and be a witness. You may never have a better
opportunity in your life to advance the kingdom.

3. Just because it’s a Christian college doesn’t mean everyone is a Christian

Next Fall I will be entering my second year of college. My first year was spent at two
different schools. During my first semester I was at a Christian college. I want to start by
dispelling the myth that everyone who goes to a Christian college is a Christian. This
simply is not true. During my first semester I came in contact with many who had no
relationship with Christ as well as many who identified with other religions aside from
Christianity. Going to a Christian college brings the same temptations that a secular
college brings even if the rules of the college are more strict. Go into your first year at a
Christian college prepared to fight many temptations as well and being prepared to be a
light to the ones who donʼt know Christ.

College can be a time of amazing spiritual growth if handled correctly. Donʼt get caught
up in the temptations of college and remember what is really important. Your
relationship with Jesus Christ and being a witness for Him!

Question: What advice would you give someone starting college in the fall? You can leave a comment by clicking here.

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