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Theology with Children

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I was invited to pop in and share some ways to talk about God with children. This has been one of the sweetest things about being a parent, that is, the privilege to teach my kids about God. He is truly in everything. There are so many teachable moments in everything around us.

Watch for Children Sign

Of course, Bible story time is an important part of teaching kids about God. We love reading The Jesus Story Book Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name. There are also some really great music resources out there for teaching God’s Word. Yet, in addition to this, there are Theological Truths that even at the ages of two, three, and four you can begin to teach kids just in conversations and everyday moments. Here are a few examples.

Theological Truths to Teach Kids

1. God Created Everything. Kids get so excited about discovering and learning about the world around them. They notice things and ask questions. They see the little
ants and the puffy clouds and the heart-shaped pebble. Use these discovery moments to remind them of the author of creation and how they themselves were created by God.

2. God Loves You. Whisper this in their ear at bed time. Tell them in the car as you drive. Write it in a note. Remind them all the time how much God loves them. You
cannot say this too much. Teach them about God’s unconditional love.

3. God is Always with You. Kids get nervous or afraid. It might be the darkness, or a thunderstorm, or a dog. Use those moments to teach them they are never alone. Teach them God is always with them and how to pray to him when they are afraid.

4. Jesus Died for You. It is amazing how the most profound moment in all of history is not too profound for a little child to understand. Teach them about sin and how God
wants to give us a new heart, one that is clean as snow. Talk about how Jesus died and rose again three days later. Teach them that he is alive today!

5. The Bible is God’s Word. Teaching kids that the words in the Bible are not just like other stories we read in books, but they are God’s words to us. Let them see you reading it, studying it, and memorizing it. Encourage them to do the same, but your example is crucial.

There are so many truths that little minds and hearts can know and understand. Don’t hesitate at any opportunity that presents itself to talk about God. Don’t worry about messing up the explanation, kids are patient and I know mine let me fumble around until I find just the right words to explain things. Encourage them to ask questions and ask them what they think.

These little “God Talks” are precious. Don’t let them slip past!

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