Darwin’s Doubt

Science is not settled, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Even Darwin had his doubts.

Darwin could not explain the Cambrian Explosion, whereby all at once life exploded in the fossil record. This kind of punctuated growth did not jibe with the gradualism required for evolutionary theory, but Darwin hoped future discoveries in the fossil record would reveal more links in development.

Unfortunately, for Darwin, the problem only got worse.

More fossil discoveries in the Cambrian layer have shown the explosion was even more explosive than Darwin knew. In other words, even more elaborate forms of life have been discovered in the Cambrian period, making Darwin’s doubt even more pronounced. And no fossil evidence has emerged to show any gradual process of evolution that could account for the kind of biological complexity we see appear in the Cambrian layer. But I digress…

Science isn’t settled. That’s my point.

Science contains questions and assumptions. Many of these questions go unanswered, and many of these assumptions are false. To be intellectually honest, we must be willing to entertain our scientific doubts.

In the video below, Stephen C. Meyer and Eric Metaxas discuss Meyer’s book Darwin’s Doubt and many of the topics that surround Darwinism and the philosophy of science. Even if you do not agree with their conclusions, you owe it to yourself to hear their discussion.

Take a look…if you really care.