The System


I tend to trust the system.

I stop at stop signs…even when no one is around. I don’t question election results. I let Google search me. One time I had some fraudulent charges on my credit card; I called the bank, and they took care of it, no problem.

So, I trust the system. It has worked for me.

But what if the system didn’t for me? What if old systems had been setup against me? What if the system was broken, and I didn’t trust it anymore? What if the system hurt my friends, my family?

What would I do? How would I feel?

I don’t know exactly.

I would probably be angry. I would probably feel hurt and stuck. I would question the system. I might become irreversibly cynical about the system. I might start ignoring the system, or outright start defying the system.

What about you? What would life be like, feel like, look like if you were convinced you couldn’t trust the systems around you and over you?

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Derek Griz

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor (Immanuel Church). I write from those perspectives. Connect with me on Twitter (@derekgriz).