Passion 2016 | Session 6 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. These are my notes.

Teacher: Louie Giglio

Text: Matthew 28:1-20

Topic: Assignment Day – Time to Go and Tell (what you have seen)

Points of Interest

  • We cannot divorce the assistance of God from the assignment of God. His assistance to me directs his assignment for me. Today is assignment day.
  • The basic rhythm is this: Come and see what he has done, and then (immediately!) go and tell others. Come and see: the assistance of God. Go and tell: the assignment of God.
  • All the authority we need has been given to Jesus. He has what he needs to give us what we need for our assignment (vv. 18-19). In this passage, Jesus gives us the power and the purpose and plan.
  • Some say our days are the craziest. Who knows. But clearly, this day, these days, are our assignment.
  • The phrases (and words) that now define us: It is finished (Done). He has risen (Open). Go you therefore (Tell). Be with me (Come).
  • We spend too much time asking God to fill rooms, when we should ask God to cleanse us and fill us so that we can incarnate the gospel.
  • We must take the power of the resurrection home (“Galilee”).
  • To tell the world, you don’t know to be a great apologist, but you do need to be in love with Jesus. Your changed life is irrefutable evidence of the reality and truth of the Gospel. And we can never be talked out of what or whom we love.
  • The story ends with “Be with me.” Jesus: As you go, I will be with you. In a small way, we can extend the same invitation to those with whom we share the Gospel.
  • “But” – This tends to be our last word. “I would, but…” Don’t let it be.
  • Our scars are our stories to the world. They are the story that God is greater than anything the world can throw at us.
  • So now, go and tell…

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