Passion 2016 | Session 5 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. Note that Session 4 was a conversation and not a sermon, so I have no notes.

Teacher: Christine Caine

Text: Joshua 1:1-18

Topic: The next generation must be strong and courageous.

Points of Interest

  • Caine connects the OT promises around land to their spiritual fulfillment in the NT.
  • Joshua was just an aid (in contrast to Moses who was described as a “servant of the Lord”). Only at the end of his life does Joshua receive the appellation “servant of the Lord.” Could it be that the highest thing we ever do is simply be a “servant of the Lord”? But how will you be the Lord’s servant until you can be someone’s aid?
  • Embrace the waiting, just as Joshua did. God is building character in the waiting and making you ready. You’ve got to already be ready to get ready (for the big thing).
  • The only reason the Joshua generation entered the promised land was because they believed God. We are well-able to do what God has called us to do. (In fact, the Book of Joshua records story after story of God’s faithfulness). So, believe!
  • But, you must move past your past into the future. We must forsake victimhood, and make what Jesus did for you bigger than what anyone did to or said to you. On the other side of your pain is purpose. But you must leave your (now open) prison cell.
  • You are the revival you are praying for because the Holy Spirit is in you. God is with you. Live like it. Cool doesn’t change the world. Christians do, Spirit-filled Christians.
  • We must be in the world but not of it (like Joshua entering the land). But too often we are of it but not in it.
  • The truth will set you free. But it’s not the truth you don’t know that will set you free. It is the truth you do know. Meditate on God’s word. (“Do not let this word depart from your lips”).
  • Before they were to enter the promised land, they were to again consecrate themselves (I.e., circumcision, Joshua 5:1-5). In the same way, we too, this generation, must have a cutting away. The previous generation’s “circumcision” is not sufficient. What sin might God be asking you to “cut away”?

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