Pencil and Journal

My First Journal Entry after a Silent Retreat

I share this post with you as an encouragement.

I recently went on a 24 hour silent retreat. I so enjoyed the peace and quiet, the communion with God, the mental solace, the embrace of nature.

I returned to my normal life determined to cart some of the experience home with me.

Pencil and Journal

Here is my first journal entry from the next morning after my return.

“I begin a day away from the silence and solitude of retreat. I am not sure how to now live out of what I saw and experienced, but I am deter…”

I never even finished writing the word. Something crashed inside the house. I heard a child crying, and off I went. I never again returned to that moment or that journal entry. The day began with a bang, literally, and did not stop soon thereafter.

So real life dances with retreat.


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Derek Griz

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