More Than Right

There’s more to disagreements than being found right. There’s relationship.

Ed Stetzer writes:

“One of the greatest things I’ve learned in life is this: people are more important than the point. Instead of working so hard to defend our positions and enforce our demands, we can till up a lot more kingdom soil by treating other people as more valuable than our own appeals for fairness and justice. Yes, we may see things differently than they do; and, yes, we may even be right. But our King has set the standard high enough that when people see the church and its people living the way he’s instructed us, they will see what his kingdom is really all about. (Subversive Kingdom, pp. 126-127)

A good reminder for me, someone who readily argues a point.

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Derek Griz

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor (Immanuel Church). I write from those perspectives. Connect with me on Twitter (@derekgriz).