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Timothy Keller on Sabbath Rest

Tim Keller writes thoughtfully on Sabbath and rest. In a society full of bustle, I appreciate his challenge to take rest seriously.

His most practical points follow below, but consider reading his entire article on Sabbath.

  1. Take Some Time for Sheer Inactivity
  2. Take Some Time for Avocational Activity
  3. Consider Whether You Are an Introvert or an Extrovert
  4. Don’t Necessarily Count Family Time as Sabbath Time
  5. Honor Both Micro- and Macro-Rhythms in Your Seasons of Rest

Keller concludes the article beautifully and succinctly:

“The purpose of Sabbath is not simply to rejuvenate yourself in order to do more production, nor is it the pursuit of pleasure. The purpose of Sabbath is to enjoy your God, life in general, what you have accomplished in the world through his help, and the freedom you have in the gospel—the freedom from slavery to any material object or human expectation. The Sabbath is a sign of the hope that we have in the world to come.”

(HT: The Resurgence)

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