By toolstop

A clear mind I rarely have anymore.  Ministry, mortgage, family, articles, books, podcasts…all clutter my thoughts.  At times, I cannot fall asleep for all the noise.  I toss and turn, ideas and worries even interrupting my sleep.

If I’m honest, I must admit I like the fury.  I always have.  I am curious; my mind loves to learn.  More ideas, more pressure, more everything keeps me moving and makes me feel important, but what am I missing because of this addiction?  (I pose this question to you too, the reader.  What are you missing?)

I know I miss peace.  I miss clarity and focus.  I miss depth.  I miss soulfulness.  And at times, I miss God.  This is the real problem.  I can create time for God, but I do not always create slow time for God.  Relationships need slow.  Growth needs slow.  Soul needs slow.  I don’t know that there is a way around this, but I’ve been trying to work around it for a while.  Foolish me.

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Derek Griz

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor (Immanuel Church). I write from those perspectives. Connect with me on Twitter (@derekgriz).