Falling In Line: Why I’m Sad Bloggers Unite

I’m sad to see Jared Wilson and Trevin Wax move their blogs to the Gospel Coalition site.

I truly appreciate the Gospel Coalition and their website. I follow most of their blogs. I went to one of their conferences in Chicago. I’m a Kellerite and a Carson-Parson, etc. But nonetheless, I’m sad to see Wilson and Wax make the move.

Two reasons…

  1. Codification Happens.
    People tend to mimic their surroundings. When I became a Literature major in college, I started carrying a satchel and drinking coffee. When I attended Gordon-Conwell, I started quoting Calvin and wearing sweaters. Synchronization just happens. People tend to value what the surrounding group values.

    I’m glad Wax has considered these concerns, but regardless, I still believe some originality and freshness will be lost as he and Wilson fall in line with the Gospel Coalition “neighborhood.”

  2. The Walmartification of the Blogosphere.
    I lament seeing the mom-and-pop bloggers closing shop in favor of the Walmart Superblogs of Patheos, the Gospel Coalition, and the like. Wilson had been one such mom-and-pop blogger. I was excited when I first discovered him, the rogue Vermont pastor-blogger, huddled in snow and mountains, with a hideous Blogger default theme and the ever humble “.blogspot.com” address. That he could have such an impact without all the fuss and from such a remote ministry area inspired me. But it seems those frontier days are disappearing.

Of course, I’m sure these moves have exponentially increased their readership, and to be fair, if given the same opportunity, I’d probably do the same. Regardless, I hope Wilson and Wax will strive to keep their unique voices in the Evangelical blogosphere.

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Derek Griz

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