Echoes of Eden: Recreation

No matter how busy the day, no matter how tired I feel, I always want recreation. I rarely ever just want sleep. In fact, the busier and more stressful the day, the more I want to recreate. I will stay up late watching a football game, or I will linger long over Twitter, or click through blogs or write a blog post or go for a run. I’ve even been known to stay up late working on crossword puzzles. (Exciting, right?)

I am convinced this inclination to recreate despite my weary, bleary-eyed tiredness reveals my true nature, namely, that I am created in the image of God. And as such, I desire to create and re-create and be creative. I want to dream and converse, craft and cull. I want more than mere labor, more than toil. I want glory. I want joy. I was made for something more! And every act of recreation, from the most trivial activity to the profoundest masterpiece of art, is our attempt to rediscover who we are and for what we were made.

So the next time you poke around your hobby flower garden, realize you’re looking for more than flowers. You’re looking for glory. You’re looking for Eden.

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Derek Griz

I am a Christian, a husband, a father, and a pastor (Immanuel Church). I write from those perspectives. Connect with me on Twitter (@derekgriz).