Beautiful Sunset

Early to Bed

For various and numerous reasons, my wife and I find ourselves going to bed earlier and waking up earlier. Here’s what I’ve discovered: I like it.

Beautiful Sunset

I’ve always bristled at those who made early rising holy. How arbitrary! Time is relative. Night owls. Morning birds. Who cares? But my recent experiences are changing my mind.

I’m finding productivity stalls after lunch regardless of when the day begins. You can start at 5AM or 7AM but either way you’re tanking after lunch. Why not get up earlier and capture those extra moments?

I’m finding things accomplished early feel great. They set the pace for the day. I feel ahead.

I’m finding I don’t miss the nights. Free time at night by comparison feels a bit icky. I’m so worn down at night, after the day is sorted and the kids tucked in. I can be a little burnt around the edges. But mornings come with freshness. So I’d rather read in the morning when I have a clear head. I’d rather exercise in the morning when the air is crisp and I feel new. Farewell crummy evening unwinds.

Of course, I am a long-time, effortless night owl. Old habits are hard to shake. But I hope this new one sticks. I like it after all.

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Derek Griz

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