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Characteristics of High-Impact Teams


A healthy team is an important part of ministry success.

Let me illustrate.


  • Generates new ideas.
  • Pools resources.
  • Boosts moral.
  • Minimizes personal faults.

Furthermore, the team approach to ministry also seems to best embody the Pauline imperatives for the church. Paul urges the church to live in unity and use one another’s gifts and abilities.

So if you’re looking to form a healthy team, consider reading Leading from the Sandbox by T.J. Addington. In Leading from the Sandbox, Addington lays out eleven helpful characteristics of healthy, high-impact teams. I found these observations insightful and helpful.

Take a look!

High-Impact Teams…

  1. Commit to a common mission.
  2. Members align their individual ministries to their common mission.
  3. Commit to the values, practices, and commitments of the organization at large.
  4. Believe in the complementary use of gifts.
  5. Allow members to speak into each other’s ministries, and results.
  6. Are led by healthy leaders who love to develop, empower, and release team members.
  7. Orient toward execution.
  8. Are composed of emotionally healthy people.
  9. Are created deliberately.
  10. Leaders carefully plan and execute meetings.
  11. Encourage robust dialogue.

I think Addington’s list provides a great point of departure for discussing healthy and effective teams, some good food for thoughts. Hope you find this list helpful.

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