First Day Onsite

Today we met as a Pioneer Team for the first time onsite at Farragut Middle School. It was an exciting day!

Here are a few pictures from the morning setup.


Immanuel Church gym

In the coming weeks, we will continue to outfit the space in view of a more public launch in October.


Little moments of grief still catch me.

A song. A sudden memory. An image. And I remember, and I am sad.

He’s not coming.

That reality still hurts.

His due date still sits on my Google calendar, an appointment I really wanted to keep.

For the most part, my life is not filled with reminders. But still there are moments when I think of him, and I miss him.

There is a strange comfort in the sadness because at least the emotion makes me feel his realness.

But there is nothing much I can do.

So, still I will wait.

Hearts As One

Grace on Gray

We wish to say thank you to all who have loved us during our time of grief. We have been hoisted on shoulders and carried by Christ and his church.

Thank you. With greatest sincerity…thank you.

We have received phone calls, text messages, emails, cards, visits, food, gifts, flowers, and hugs. We counted each and every gesture as a means of grace, God working through you. Thank you.

We would also like to express special gratitude for two unique and costly gifts shared with us.

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Fading Beauty

Smoky Mountains Fall Leaves

The fading beauty of Autumn is perfect and fitting.

Our first child came in Spring. I remember heading home from the hospital to pick up a few items and seeing Knoxville alive with blossoms and vibrant color. Pink petals lined the streets. I felt as though the whole earth was celebrating the birth of my daughter.

Autumn speaks of another beauty. Like Spring, it is a temporary beauty. But it is going and not coming. It is the beauty of goodbye and “until tomorrow.” Yet it’s beauty is no less real, and the change itself hints at hope.¬†There is beauty in the ashes and beauty will spring from the ashes.¬†Even as the colors fade out, I am reminded the colors will fade in again.

So as my family drove the Foothills Parkway today, the Fall colors comforted me. The wind whipped leaves waved goodbye.

I was thankful for this autumn dirge.

Bear Mountain Griz

Bear Mountain Griz

Monday morning we lost our sweet baby boy. We have been more sad than I can say.

We were so excited to meet him. We were so proud of our boy. We felt our family was at last complete. We were already daydreaming of bunk beds and the wrestle-snuggles only little boys can give.

But he came and went in the night. And we already miss him.

A few weeks ago I wrote of our joy and I said we would never be the same. I knew then that statement could cut both ways. I hoped never to be on this side of it.

I never wanted to write this update, never wanted to live all these reversals. But I will thank God for our son, and I will celebrate him in life and death.

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