Passion 2016 | Session 6 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. These are my notes.

Teacher: Louie Giglio

Text: Matthew 28:1-20

Topic: Assignment Day – Time to Go and Tell (what you have seen)

Points of Interest

  • We cannot divorce the assistance of God from the assignment of God. His assistance to me directs his assignment for me. Today is assignment day.
  • The basic rhythm is this: Come and see what he has done, and then (immediately!) go and tell others. Come and see: the assistance of God. Go and tell: the assignment of God.
  • All the authority we need has been given to Jesus. He has what he needs to give us what we need for our assignment (vv. 18-19). In this passage, Jesus gives us the power and the purpose and plan.
  • Some say our days are the craziest. Who knows. But clearly, this day, these days, are our assignment.
  • The phrases (and words) that now define us: It is finished (Done). He has risen (Open). Go you therefore (Tell). Be with me (Come).
  • We spend too much time asking God to fill rooms, when we should ask God to cleanse us and fill us so that we can incarnate the gospel.
  • We must take the power of the resurrection home (“Galilee”).
  • To tell the world, you don’t know to be a great apologist, but you do need to be in love with Jesus. Your changed life is irrefutable evidence of the reality and truth of the Gospel. And we can never be talked out of what or whom we love.
  • The story ends with “Be with me.” Jesus: As you go, I will be with you. In a small way, we can extend the same invitation to those with whom we share the Gospel.
  • “But” – This tends to be our last word. “I would, but…” Don’t let it be.
  • Our scars are our stories to the world. They are the story that God is greater than anything the world can throw at us.
  • So now, go and tell…

Passion 2016 | Session 5 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. Note that Session 4 was a conversation and not a sermon, so I have no notes.

Teacher: Christine Caine

Text: Joshua 1:1-18

Topic: The next generation must be strong and courageous.

Points of Interest

  • Caine connects the OT promises around land to their spiritual fulfillment in the NT.
  • Joshua was just an aid (in contrast to Moses who was described as a “servant of the Lord”). Only at the end of his life does Joshua receive the appellation “servant of the Lord.” Could it be that the highest thing we ever do is simply be a “servant of the Lord”? But how will you be the Lord’s servant until you can be someone’s aid?
  • Embrace the waiting, just as Joshua did. God is building character in the waiting and making you ready. You’ve got to already be ready to get ready (for the big thing).
  • The only reason the Joshua generation entered the promised land was because they believed God. We are well-able to do what God has called us to do. (In fact, the Book of Joshua records story after story of God’s faithfulness). So, believe!
  • But, you must move past your past into the future. We must forsake victimhood, and make what Jesus did for you bigger than what anyone did to or said to you. On the other side of your pain is purpose. But you must leave your (now open) prison cell.
  • You are the revival you are praying for because the Holy Spirit is in you. God is with you. Live like it. Cool doesn’t change the world. Christians do, Spirit-filled Christians.
  • We must be in the world but not of it (like Joshua entering the land). But too often we are of it but not in it.
  • The truth will set you free. But it’s not the truth you don’t know that will set you free. It is the truth you do know. Meditate on God’s word. (“Do not let this word depart from your lips”).
  • Before they were to enter the promised land, they were to again consecrate themselves (I.e., circumcision, Joshua 5:1-5). In the same way, we too, this generation, must have a cutting away. The previous generation’s “circumcision” is not sufficient. What sin might God be asking you to “cut away”?

Passion 2016 | Session 3 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. These are my notes.


Teacher: Ravi Zacharius

Text: Various allusions but no direct quotes or references.

Topic: Why Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

Points of Interest

  • The truth is so important that it is often surrounded by a guard of lies (paraphrase of Winston Churchill).
  • There are three evaluations of truth. It must be logically consistent, empirically verifiable, and experientially relevant. Today, we will focus on the last evaluation. So on this line of evaluation, what do we see?
  • Jesus alone describes the human condition perfectly.
  • Jesus alone addresses the human condition by offering forgiveness.
  • Jesus alone equips for suffering. Jesus conquers through the process of suffering. Christ in you makes you more than a conqueror.
  • Jesus alone bridges time. He gave meaning to all of time. This is illustrated in the Lord’s Supper that remembers the past in the present while anticipating the future.
  • Jesus alone conquers the grave. The proof of the resurrection…We see proof in the transformation of Peter, Thomas, and Paul. All of them were dramatically changed. Only the resurrection could explain these changes. Jesus alone outlasts the figures of history.

Passion 2016 | Session 2 Notes

This post is part of the series Passion 2016. These are my personal notes.


Teacher: John Piper

Text: Revelation 13:1-10, Revelation 5:9-10, John 10:17-18, John 19:28-30.

Topic: The Lamb that was slain.

Points of Interest

Trip One: Of the Lamb…

  • You don’t need to know who the beast is or when the beast is. But you do need to know how you will respond to all beast-contenders. You need to know by what power you will be delivered from these beastly deceptions.
  • The players. The dragon (v. 2) is the devil. So, this is a Satan powered happening in Revelation 13. The saints (v. 7) are Christians.
  • The slaying of the Lamb of the God was the plan before the universe existed. We know this because the title of the book written before all time revealed this intention (i.e., ” (v.8). 
  • Jesus is worthy because he is the lamb that was slain. This is our song forever.
  • So, the central song sung in eternity past and future and the central action in history is the slaying of the Lamb of God.

Trip Two: Of the Saints…

  • The Beast “was allowed” to conquer the Saints. This is under God’s control. But note that “conquer” means kill here (Rev. 13). When will this happen? It is always happening, but one day it will crescendo. But you should be ready always. Be ready now.
  • Jesus predicts the suffering of the saints in Luke 21:16.
  • The question is will you worship the mighty contenders in your life, those with supernatural powers of deception.
  • The power to see through and resist the deception belongs to those whose names are written in the Book of the Lamb (v. 8). The blood of the Lamb secures the life of those whose names are written in the book…forever. Therefore, we who are in Christ, have the very power of God.
  • But if your name is not written in the Book of Life, you will marvel at the Beast (cf. Revelation 17:8).
  • So, can you know if your name is in the book?  Yes. Those who trust Jesus are in the Book.
  • How is this so? Because Christ gave himself up for the church (see Ephesians 5). We were bought with a price.
  • Therefore, we sing that Jesus is worthy because he ransomed his people (Rev. 17).


  1. See Jesus as precious. Your name is in the Book of Life so that you will see the Glory of the Lamb. Seeing the Lamb as beautiful is the great vocation of the Christian. Satan tries to blind. Christians are meant to see clearly the treasure that Jesus is. This is the effect of being in the book. So, do you see?
  2. Show him as precious. Since your name is in the Book, you will live and die to show that Jesus is more precious than life. Death is a small thing compared to hell. Your goal is not to “take them out.” The point is not to keep yourself alive but to keep yourself in love with Jesus. We don’t kill for the world; we die for the world. By our humble and happy deaths, we make Jesus look more precious than anything. Jesus promises to those who endure and remain faithful the very crown of life (see Revelation 2:10), so we do not need to save our lives.
  3. Share in his glory. We will, one day, get to sit with Jesus on his throne (Revelation 3:21). And the righteous will shine like the sun. We will one day be as happy as we can be…forever.

So, if you are not sure whether your name is written in the Book of Life, hear this word: “The Spirit and the Bride say ‘Come.’ And let the one who hears say, ‘Come.’ And let the one who is thirsty come; let the one who desires take the water of life without price” (Rev. 22:17). The free gift of salvation is available now. Come to Jesus today.

Passion 2016 | Session 1 Notes

This post begins a new series, Passion 2016, my feeble attempt to take notes from the Passion Conference 2016. Here we go!

 Teacher: Louie Giglio

Text: Matthew 28:1-6, Revelation 1:18

Topic: Come and see what God has done: Jesus is risen!

Points of Interest

  • When the power of God appears, the mighty melt. The soldiers fell to the ground in the face of God’s work (v. 4).
  • When God moves, people are afraid. He may be your “good, good Father,” but if he appeared, you would be on your face. But always in answer: Don’t be afraid.
  • The angel did not move the stone to let Jesus out; he moved it to let us in to see what God has done. That is still the opportunity we have today, to come and see what God has done. God loves that. His invitation is always to come and see. All are invited. So what do we see?
  • We see that Jesus is alive. This is the central fact of Christianity. And those who investigate it find convincing proofs.
  • We see that God has done it all. When the ladies arrive, everything is already done. Done. We are not invited to come and do but to come and see. Yes, we do work, but in response to what he has already done.
  • We see that a personal relationship with God is now possible. He is alive, and he is here. The veil was torn.
  • We see that we have a new identity and mindset. Because the stone is rolled away. We are no longer victims; we are aligned with the victorious and risen Jesus. From victim to victor. That is His story and that is now our story, too. Like Jesus, we may still have scars, but the wounds have been healed.
  • So, don’t live your life as though the stone was still there.
  • To see in the tomb, they literally had to stoop. But perhaps, that pictures for us the journey we must take. We must be humble. We must stoop. We must lay aside our opinions and expertise and see what God has done.
  • When Jesus escaped the prison of death, he took all the keys (Rev. 1:18)! He offers you the key you need, and he invites you to help him distribute the keys to all the world.

He is risen. The stone is rolled away. Come and see what God has done.