Book Review – Wrecked by Jeff Goins

WreckedWrecked: When a Broken World Slams into Your Comfortable Life by Jeff Goins describes the journey from complacency to sensitivity, from indifference to compassion. Being “wrecked” is the moment we awaken to and begin this journey. It is that moment on a mission trip when you see true poverty for the first time. It is that moment when you come to truly know someone and be touched by their story. Being wrecked is being rescued from glossy-eyed, status-quo-living. It is the move to a heartfelt life.

In Wrecked, Goins deftly and gently leads us through this journey by chronicling his own story of being wrecked. If you follow Jeff’s blog, you will recognize the lively writing style and winsome authenticity that marks all his posts. Jeff is a careful writer and it shows in this his first full-length book. You will enjoy and be challenged by Wrecked.

Stay and Commit

My favorite part of the book came as a most surprising insight. Goins begins the book by broadly examining the idea of getting wrecked, but then he makes a necessary but unexpected move. He goes from mission trips and rugged street ministry to the simple idea of staying and being committed (Chapter 5). Goins argues one of the best things you can do to maintain a wrecked life is to stay put, stick it out, hit the wall and keep going. This is a key insight.

As a youth pastor who goes on several mission trips a year and sees first hand the highs and lows of being wrecked, I appreciate Goins’ balanced approach here. Glorious adventure must be paired with pedestrian commitment. Both are necessary to living a wrecked life.

We are all about the next best thing. We are movers and shakers. We are always looking for the next big adventure. But sometimes the hardest thing, the best thing you can do is just stay put, or as Jeff says (a la Mother Teresa) find your Calcutta in your own backyard. It’s there if you’ll look. So stay put, learn to see it and enter it. For all those who would chase the next mission trip high, this is a helpful corrective.

Audio Book

I was able to listen to this book thanks to the generous folks at Christianadio.com. Jeff himself reads the book. His reading is good, though my one critique would be that his rhythm and pace is not as lively as his writing style. But again, it was good to hear his own inflections and the heart behind the book. (You can purchase the audio book at christianaudio.com/wrecked-jeff-goins)

Final Verdict

I recommend Wrecked. It will challenge you and stir your heart. Jeff Goins writes with honesty and energy. Wrecked will carry you right along.

So what are you waiting for? Get Wrecked!

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