Good Question

5 Questions Every Leader Must Ask

Good Question

Leadership is fast-paced and fully-loaded, and I’m hardly an expert. But I’m constantly learning through my successes and failures.

One aspect of leadership I’ve been considering lately is the necessity to ask the right questions. A good leader asks good questions. So here are a some questions I’ve found helpful for leading well.

  1. What’s next?
    A leader must constantly think about what’s next. Where are we headed next? What must be done next? This is one of the most taxing parts of leadership because it means while everyone else is resting, you are thinking about the next thing. When everyone else has arrived, you’re mind has already left, planning for the next thing.
  2. Who’s first?
    A leader must keep an eye to the other leaders in the group. Where are they? Are they out in front? How far out front? Are the advanced students being challenged and engaged? If a leader doesn’t consider the other leaders, they will tire and bore and disappear.
  3. Who’s last?
    A leader must also look back to those bringing up the rear. Are the youngest participants in fact participating? Are they able to keep up? Is anyone struggling? Is anyone being stretched past the limit? A good leader will consider those who are trailing behind because the goal is to get everyone across the finish line.
  4. Who’s to thank?
    A leader will constantly thank and honor others. Nothing gets done by the point leader alone. Success always comes at the hands of many people. So who should you thank? Who got you there? Who lent their expertise to the trip or ministry? If it went really well, I guarantee it’s because you had lots of good people lending a hand.
  5. Who’s next?
    A leader must finally consider who’s next. Who will be the next leader? Who will lead the next generation into the future? Who could do this trip next year? Who am I preparing to lead down the road? How am I setting up the ministry and leaders and students for the next years, even after I’m gone? Am I creating a sustainable model? A good leader must think about who’s coming behind him or her.

Of course, many more questions may apply, but I’ve found these to be a good start.

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