College On The Cornerstone

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I’m excited about a relatively new blog, College On The Cornerstone: Building the Foundations of Faith Through College. The two main contributors, Chandler Vannoy and Jake Bishop, are solid young believers. I am excited to see where God will take these two and this blog.

I recently had the opportunity to join the conversation myself. If you have a minute, check out my post about college regrets and their site.

The Cause Behind Our Unbelievable World


“There can be no easily believable explanation for everything I’ve seen in this little ball-happy universe of ours. Occam’s well-worn razor will do us no good. There will be no ‘simplest’ explanation. A single world combining galaxies, black holes, Jerry Seinfeld, over 300,000 varieties of beetle, Shakespeare, adrenal glands, professional bowling, and the bizarre reproductive patterns of wasps (along with teams of BBC cameramen to document them), precludes easily palatable explanations.

“A neutral observer would not find this world to be believable. Ergo, the cause of said unbelievable world must place similar stretch marks on the imagination.”

N.D. Wilson, Notes from the Tilt-A-Whirl (Nashville: Thomas Nelson, 2009), 4-5.